I am a Reader in Philosophy and the Image at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London. My interests are in the transdiciplinary fields of photography, contemporary theory and the convergence of art and science. My most recent book, titled “Fragmentation of the Image” will be published by Routledge 1n 2019. I am the lead investigator on a mad project of bringing together artists, philosophers, curators and writers to explore the fate of the photographic image online. In 2012 I was awarded AHRC research grant (jointly with Prof. Johnny Golding)  that allowed the setting up of a transdiciplinary research network to try and really make a difference in this field both locally (London) and internationally.
The question that I am currently working on is the way in which 21st Century photography emerges as a new art form that merges philosophy, media technologies and visual aesthetics. These concerns are explored in my book On the Verge of Photography (ARTicle Press 2013). My recent writings include gift of the selfie, What is Photography is the 21st Century, The grin of Schrödinger’s Cat, quantum photography and the limits of representation and The Digital Image in Photographic Culture; Algorithmic Photography and the Crisis of Representation.

I am the editor of the journal Philosophy of Photography and Course Leader of MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies

at Central Saint Martins, London.

Currently I teach a number of courses, broadly concerned with the convergence of art, philosophy, and science.